Good Training Saves Lives!

Our focus is to provide specific solutions to your fire training and operational challenges in the rural, suburban, and industrial fire environment. We believe success in your organization is achieved through building relationships, trust, enthusiasm, and a sense of purpose. This opens the door to learning, confidence and a positive experience. We offer a personalized, realistic training experience presented by down-to-earth, knowledgeable instructors that truly care about the students and your organization.

Our courses are customized to each agency’s response profile and specific challenges
and provide real-life tips and techniques; from stretching the first line to fireboat operations.
Most of our courses have been built around a specific need for an agency and can be adapted
to virtually any audience and format; from 2-hour drill to multi-day programs and
feature a low student-to-instructor ratio.

Hands-On Training and Classroom Presentations

  • Fire Behavior, Water Application & Tactics (Live Fire Labs: multiple courses available)
  • Scenario-based Multi Company Evolutions (Live Fire: multiple options available)
  • Fireground Survival
  • Initial Rapid Intervention
  • Advanced Rapid Intervention
  • Search Operations
  • Basic Forcible Entry
  • Forcible Entry: Rotary Saw & Power Tools
  • Forcible Entry: Though the Lock
  • Residential Ventilation
  • Commercial Ventilation
  • Basic Ground Ladders
  • Tactical Ground Ladders
  • Vent-Enter-Search
  • Rural/Suburban Essentials: Fire Attack, Search, Ventilation, Forcible Entry
  • Rural Water Supply
  • First Due Engine Operations
  • Land-Based Marine Firefighting
  • Fireboat Operations
  • Auto Extrication & Vehicle Stabilization
  • Rope Rescue-Operations Level
  • Confined Space Rescue-Operations Level
  • Elevator Rescue
  • Aerial Ladder Operations
  • Fire Service Pumps/Hydraulics
  • Fireground Tactical Decision-Making
  • IMS & Accountability
  • Tactical Scenarios
  • Firehouse Leadership
  • EVIP: initial certification and ongoing driver training



NFPA 1081 Industrial Firefighter Training

These courses are specifically designed to meet the requirements of NFPA 1081 and NFPA 600 for Interior Structural Fire Brigade Member. The training provides requisite skills and knowledge for the Industrial Fire Brigade member to be able to make safe and effective tactical decisions in the control of structural fires in the industrial work environment. Built on a solid foundation of compartment fire behavior training and following a natural progression from basic to complex, the course utilizes a combination of classroom theory, hands-on demonstration, and practical application to ensure students gain confidence in their ability to handle a variety of emergency situations.

 Available Courses:

  • Industrial Fire Brigade Member – Incipient Level, initial training (16 hours). This is a pre-requisite for Industrial Fire Brigade Member – Interior Structural Level.
  • Industrial Fire Brigade Member – Interior Structural Level, initial training(40 hours)
  • Industrial Fire Brigade Member – Continuing Education: Includes a combination of classroom, hands-on, and live fire training to meet quarterly and annual NFPA 600 training requirements

Mobile Training:

We have invested heavily in meeting our customers’ in-service training needs by outfitting our new 16’ cargo trailer with the necessary equipment and props to bring more training options to your front door. Several of our hands-on courses can now be delivered at your fire station, from a 2-hour drill format to multi-day programs.


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