Training Curriculum

Providing training to your members is the second most important function you perform aside from responding to emergencies. It is also likely one of the most time consuming to plan, develop, and execute. Understanding that many Training Officers wear multiple hats and have limited time for lesson plan development, we have developed a complete NFPA & WAC-compliant training curriculum package focusing on giving the instructor and student everything necessary for each class.

The Training Curriculum package includes all necessary lesson plans, A/V presentations, skill videos, and task sheets as appropriate, completely customizable to your agency. The goal is to keep the curriculum 75% hands-on, so the content provides necessary background information and outlines as a guideline, allowing the hands-on training to be as efficient as possible utilizing your own SOG’s, equipment, apparatus, instructors, etc. Content is delivered by a web-based platform so that members can preview content prior to training, complete make-up sessions, or complete web-based training on their own where appropriate.


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