What’s Coming in 2016…

After enjoying an amazing summer with family and friends, we had a busy fall schedule providing training for multiple agencies in Forcible Entry, Tactics & IMS, Fire Behavior, HAZMAT, initial driver qualification, and Rapid Intervention to name a few.

We have also spent a great amount of time developing our Training Curriculum Package and Training Management website that should be ready to roll out in January. This package will provide an NFPA and WAC-compliant training package for an entire year and is complete with customizable lesson plans, applicable classroom presentations, student handouts, and skill videos. All of these materials will be accessible for participating agencies on our Training Management website. For additional info and to see a sample, email us at info@firetrainingunlimited.com.

We are also looking forward to the completion of upgrades at the West Skagit Training Center in early 2016 and soon will begin scheduling live fire training for the remainder of the year.

Two-Hour Training

Our two-hour weeknight training sessions have been a big hit so far with several of our customers. Many of our classes can fit into these two-hour time slots, but the most popular so far have been Initial Rapid Intervention, Basic Forcible Entry, EVIP Driver’s Certification, Fire Behavior, IMS & Accountability, and Tactical Scenarios. Our fall 2015 calendar is rapidly filling up, so let us know if you want to reserve a date!

New Driver Certification Program

At the request of one of our customers, we have established an EVIP Driver Certification course that includes classroom and the practical driving rodeo. We have also added two driving instructors to the team to help meet your training needs.

Lopez Island Training

We recently loaded up the truck and trailer with props, 50 sheets of plywood, and a load of surplus garage doors and traveled to beautiful Lopez Island and put on a 1 ½ day custom training program that included Fire Behavior, Vertical Ventilation, Forcible Entry, and Hose Handling. Thank you Lopez Fire & EMS for the great hospitality, it was great to work with you again!

The trailer is up and running!

We have completely outfitted our 16’ Cargo Trailer with all the tools, equipment, and training props necessary to take the show on the road and bring great training to your doorstep. We also have new forcible entry props and a modular wall system on board that can be used to create hallways and rooms for a variety of classes.

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